Autel Robotics Care - EVO Lite

Autel Robotics Care - EVO Lite


Please read through the terms of conditions of Autel Robotics Care before purchase.



Regular price $139.00
  1. Any EVO II, EVO II Pro, EVO Nano, and Lite series customer can purchase Autel Robotics Care as long as they are within their one-year warranty period. 
  2. Customers must also meet one of the following conditions in order to be eligible for Autel Robotics Care:
    1. Must own an aircraft that has never been opened
    2. Must own an aircraft that has been activated within 48 hours of their attempt to purchase Autel Care
    3. If either of the above is not applicable, customers must send in their product for a functional evaluation to our repair team in Bothell, WA.
  3. After purchasing Autel Care, you must verify and activate your aircraft on our website.   Please click here to activate.
  4. If you need additional support, please contact us by opening a Live Chat. 

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Autel Robotics is expanding its camera drone line to better match up against market leader DJI. The four new Evo Nano and Lite models on show at CES were first teased last year and should drive some competition to keep rival DJI on its toes.

With a significantly longer flight time than its DJI rivals and a camera with an adjustable aperture, this is an enticing option for those who find the Mavic 3 too expensive to consider.

It's the first non-DJI camera drone to win a full five-star accolade. This sensational mini drone is coming for DJI's crown.