EVO FAQ – Autel Robotics

Registration & Purchasing

Q: Do I need to register my drone with Autel?


Q: Why can’t I get my drone 4 miles away without losing connection?

Q: How do I get my drone fixed?


Q: Why do my batteries drain when I’m not using them?

Q: How should I store and maintain my batteries?

Q: What are the battery specs for EVO?


Q: It looks like the gimbal is tilted in my images/video, how do I fix this?

Q: Where is the micro SD card in my EVO?

Q: What MicroSD Cards can I use with my EVO / EVO II?

Remote Controller 

Q: How do I pair my Remote Controller? My drone and RC won’t connect?

Q: How do I connect my iPhone to the RC?

Q: What are the Remote Controller specs for my EVO?

App & advanced flight modes 

Q: I can’t find the Go Fly button in the Explorer App

Q: How do I view my flight logs in the Explorer App and put them on the cloud?

Firmware & Updates 

Q: How do I know if I’m on the latest firmware?

Support & Contacts 

Q: Where can I buy your drone, or look at one in-store?

Q: Do you offer discounts for Education/First responders/Military?


Q: How do I get my drone fixed?

Q: Do you have a warranty?