Rescue – Autel Robotics

Difficulties in emergency rescue site

  • In complex rescuing environments, such as geological disaster and outdoor rescues, search and rescue could be extremely dangerous without geographic information.

  • Wide outdoor search area, difficult to rescue

How does EVO II empower outdoor rescue?

  • High resolution thermal camera

    The camera can penetrate trees, buildings and other objects to obtain temperature distribution, thus assisting rescuers to quickly identify trapped persons.

  • Ultra high resolution image

    Immediate information about overall disaster area could be acquired through 48 MP high resolution aerial images to assist rescue deployment.

  • Mission planning

    Polygon, S-shaped and other types of path could be planned for grid rescue.

Recommended product portfolio


⦁ Premium camera empowering outstanding shot

⦁ 10 pseudo colors guaranteeing stronger identification

⦁ Picture-in-picture mode supporting dual observing


⦁ Excellent with 8K

⦁ 48MP, accurate magnifier of tiny details

⦁ In-camera 4K 10-bit HDR enables the presentation of authentic brightness