Inspection – Autel Robotics

Difficulties in the current inspection industry

  • Helicopters are expensive and could only be used in inspections with good take-off and landing conditions and cannot adapt to the complex and changing weather in mountain areas.

  • In inspection scenarios like power sector, railway, bridge and communication base station inspections, inspectors are often physically challenged and threatened by complicated weather and high altitude.

  • For large-span inspections in areas with inconvenient transportation, human inspection from the ground can hardly guarantee full coverage and requires a lot of manpower and time.

How does EVO II empower inspection industry?

  • High-precision RTK

    The high-precision centimeter-level RTK enables more precise inspections.

  • High-resolution thermal camera

    With high-precision thermal camera, EVO II can easily detect hot parts in the pipeline network.

  • 8x zoom camera

    48 MP ultra high-resolution photos clearly unveil the exposed physical problems of the pipeline network.

  • Multi-dimensional inspection

    Multi-angle inspection of drone aerial photography has covered all perspectives comprehensively and can adapt to complex areas. With EVO II, a single person can do inspection well, which greatly reduces inspection cost.

  • Intelligent flight

    EVO II’s waypoint flight function ensures refined and automated inspection in daily operation and maintenance, detecting faults in time and improving efficiency.

  • Extended battery life

    With a battery life up to 40 min, more high-resolution aerial shots could be taken to record detailed on-site information.

Recommended portfolio


• Premium camera empowering outstanding shot

• 10 pseudo colors guaranteeing stronger identification

• Picture-in-picture mode supporting dual observing


• 1-inch image sensor Ultra-wide range and high resolution

• 10-bit A-log color pattern, creating infinite possibilities for post processing

• Breaking limits in shooting at night, highlighting magnificent shadows