Firefighting – Autel Robotics

Difficulties in firefighting rescue

  • In cases where the fire area is large, such as large warehouses, factories, buildings, forests, etc. it’s difficult for firefighters to locate the center of the fire source.

  • Smog and dust in the air make it difficult to distinguish the fire scene environment, hindering decision-making in firefighting.

  • Conventional ground photography cannot accurately cover the affected area and the scene it captures is incomplete.

How does EVO II empower firefighting

  • FLR Boson high-resolution thermal camera

    High-resolution thermal camera obtains temperature distribution at high altitude and supports point temperature measurement function. It cooperates with visible light camera to grasp the overall fire situation and assists firefighters to locate the center of the fire source and high temperature areas so that task force could be accurately deployed.

  • Foldable and portable design enabling fast response

    With a foldable the portable body, EVO II only takes 10s from start-up to take-off, shortening fire information collecting time and buying every second to save lives.

  • Remote monitoring & precise deployment

    Real-time transmission of aerial images to the command center to assist efficient decision-making and scientific layout

  • Autonomous flight

    Orthophoto could be quickly constructed through waypoint planning function, facilitating post-disaster assessment and improving reconstruction efficiency.

  • Thermal image splicing

    Large-area fire situation could be obtained by rapid thermal image splicing, assisting firefighters in fire control and blocking

  • Extended battery life

    With a battery life up to 40 min, more high-resolution aerial shots could be taken to record detailed on-site information.

Recommended product portfolio


⦁ Premium camera empowering outstanding shot

⦁ 10 pseudo colors guaranteeing stronger identification

⦁ Picture-in-picture mode supporting dual observing


⦁ 1-inch image sensor Ultra-wide range and high resolution

⦁ 10-bit A-log color pattern, creating infinite possibilities for post processing

⦁ Breaking limits in shooting at night, highlighting magnificent shadows