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Risks at law enforcement scenes

  • Criminals are dangerously armed with guns, ammunition, etc., making close contact highly risky; Criminals hide in rough terrain, making them hard to track on ground.

  • Public security patrol lines are long and cannot be fully covered by ground monitoring equipment.

  • Police are stuck in traffic jams.

How does EVO II empower law enforcement?

  • Stereoscopic perspective enabling overall control

    Precise geographic information can be acquired through high-altitude investigation, modeling, etc., thus making digitized & intelligent law enforcement possible and facilitating scientific decision-making.

  • Extended battery life

    With a battery life up to 40 min, more high-resolution aerial shots could be taken to record detailed on-site information to recreate crime scene.

  • Foldable and portable design enabling fast response

    EVO II is highly maneuverable and only takes 10s from start-up to take-off, regardless of traffic on the ground.

  • High-precision thermal camera

    Human figures can be detected no matter day or night, facilitating efficient high-altitude investigations.

  • 8x zoom camera

    ⦁ Up to 8x optical zoom is supported for remote monitoring

    ⦁ With 48 MP high-resolution aerial shots from high-altitude investigation, even the smallest details can be captured.

  • Remote monitoring & precise deployment

    Live Deck enables wireless transmission of aerial shots and OB truck connection, making it convenient for the command center to achieve overall monitoring and scientific deployment of police force.

Recommended product portfolio


⦁ Premium camera empowering outstanding shot

⦁ 10 pseudo colors guaranteeing stronger identification

⦁ Picture-in-picture mode supporting dual observing


⦁ 1-inch image sensor Ultra-wide range and high resolution

⦁ 10-bit A-log color pattern, creating infinite possibilities for post processing

⦁ Breaking limits in shooting at night, highlighting magnificent shadows