Construction – Autel Robotics

Problems in conventional construction sector from bidding to completion.

  • Site mapping requires long-time manual measurement, delaying bidding time.

  • Project management takes a lot of time and money, and manual measurement and update of the construction progress map by manual measurement is cumbersome.

  • Daily inspection of the building has to be done by people from high above the ground, which limits the scope of operation and makes manual measurement more dangerous.

How does EVO II empower construction industry?

  • Promote process planning

    With EVO II’s waypoint mapping function, you can have accurate site maps that provide reliable data for project evaluation.

  • Optimize project management

    During project construction, EVO II can collect waypoints to plan routes to fly autonomously and construct 3D images during project construction. By comparing images at different times, reasonable division of labor can be realized to promote projects.

  • Guarantee daily operation and maintenance

    EVO II can produce high-resolution aerial images and videos after the project is completed, clearly displaying the exterior of buildings. With a thermal camera and 48 MP shot, damages on wall and circuit in the building can be detected easily.

Recommended portfolio


• Premium camera empowering outstanding shot

• 10 pseudo colors guaranteeing stronger identification

• Picture-in-picture mode supporting dual observing


• Excellent with 8K

• 48MP, accurate magnifier of tiny details

• In-camera 4K 10-bit HDR enables the presentation of authentic brightness