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Pro Tip: You’re Positioning Your Antennas Wrong

Pro Tip: You’re Positioning Your Antennas Wrong

Think you know the right way to position your antennas? 

Think again. 

Though it may seem simple, antenna positioning is one of the most common mistakes pilots make when unboxing their remote controllers.

As expert pilots already know, the best way to ensure strong, consistent signal strength is to position the antennas with the flat ends facing the aircraft—which typically means standing them upright.  

What many pilots fail to realize, however, is that once a smartphone is mounted to the controller, the antennas must be readjusted to prevent the phone from acting as a physical barrier that blocks the signal’s path from the antennas to the aircraft. 

In order to optimize signal strength while using a mobile device, the antennas should be placed downwards with the flat ends facing out. Though subtle, the adjustment can make a huge difference, greatly reducing the chances of video delays and lost connections so you can fly with confidence.

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