Autel Explorer App Release Notes

Autel Explorer Beta App Release Notes

iOS 1.1.42 09/17/2021
Android 09/27/2021


New Features:

  1. Added 16X digital zoom on all EVO II series models
  2. Added EVO II Enterprise support
  3. Added shooting angle option (0° and +/-90°)  in Rectangular and Polygon mission (iOS only)

Feature Optimizations and bug fixes:

  1. Changed EVO II RTK mountpoint input method to manual
  2. Fixed the ground sample distance(GSD) error in missions
  3. Fixed EVO 1 camera setting error
  4. Fixed the 16x zoom display issue
  5. Fixed the app crash issue in Panorama
  6. Fixed the focus position display error
  7. Optimized the camera menu display error on some android devices


        • To use the iOS beta app:
        • To use the Android beta app:
          • Use your mobile device to visit this link:
          • Login with your Google Play store registered account, if you are not already logged in.
          • Click the "BECOME A TESTER"
          • Click the link - download it on Google Play
          • Click "Install" and you will get the download installed